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3uTools iOS management Software for PC


3uTools  is a new and very powerful software for flashing and jailbreaking of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Yes you got it right! Finally, after a long wait, a new tool was launched to flash iOS devices, and you now have the iTunes and annoying ears! With the help of this new and highly functional application, you can manage, install, and jailbreak all types of Apple devices as easy as possible. It’s not horrible to actually flash or jailbike iOS devices! From now on, each user can easily update their device by flipping to the latest version with a few simple clicks.

In addition, 3uTools software has a dedicated collection of apps and wallpapers for you, which allows you to download many of your favorite content according to your taste . This software also enables you to easily manage the contents of your device, such as music files, apps, video files, pictures, and more. In general, if you have one of the iPhone, iPad, or iPad devices, we recommend you do not miss the 3uTools software at all!

 3uTools software features:

– Ability to backup user information

– Ability to clear any unnecessary information

– The ability to build ringtones

– The ability to convert video formats

– Ability to compress images

– View live device image in computer

– Supports Open SSH

– Full management of the contents of the iPhone and iPad devices

– Ability to flash, reset and jailbreak iPhone, iPod and iPad with one click

– Ability to download new wallpapers and apps.



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