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Altium Designer  is a specialized and powerful software in designing various types of analog and digital circuits. Designing electronic components is not just a specialized profession, because if you have a professional and well-equipped environment, you can combine extraordinary creativity with this profession. Nowadays, computer software has entered every profession and specialty. If you are also an electronic circuit designer, Altium Designer allows you to display the true meaning of “design” in your profession. By providing an advanced and specialized environment, the software allows you to focus on “design” instead of the production and development process. With the help of this program, you can use your artistic creativity in creating electronic circuits and design circuits combined from art + engineering.. 

Altium Designer is a well-known software for designing PCBs or printed circuit boards on which several electronic circuits are placed and in practice, electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes and can be mounted on it. PCB boards are used in almost all electronic devices, even if you open a very simple radio device, a simple and small example of them can be seen with all electronic components. Altium Designer allows you to access all electronic tools and components in the form of organized and organized libraries in a professional software environment, without the need to pay attention to the production or development process. Imagine yourself in an advanced software environment and easily analyze or simulate the result.


Key features of Altium Designer software:

– Having an advanced management system of electronic parts and components in an organized and regular manner

– Ability to place electronic components such as chips, resistors, capacitors, diodes and…

– Having the ability to navigate and simulate with high accuracy

– Ability to automate routing

– Ability to work on circuits in the form of a 3D view

– Ability to analyze signals




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  1. Thanks very much admin…
    But after the installation, they are requesting for a license sign in
    How should go through withe the crack.
    I downloaded the version 22.5.1


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