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Endless OS 4.0.3 Andalusian operating system is one of the newest popular Linux distributions in the world, which has so far attracted millions of fixed users around the world. Endless OS is the name of a new and attractive distribution with many features that can make it an ideal option for new Linux users. As we all know, the Linux operating system became famous for its complexity. In fact, only users who have enough knowledge about computer science and its complexities go to Linux. However, these days the user interfaces in various Linux distributions have become so simple and user-friendly that even novice users can use them as their daily operating system. The Andalusian Linux mission is nothing more than that; In fact, in Andalusia Linux, the main goal is for the user to be able to do all the daily work of their desktop or laptop computer with it. In Andalusia Linux, there are dozens of pre-installed tools available that will meet all your expectations, even without the need for Internet access.

The fact is that billions of users on the planet have no access to a personal computer, and one of the main reasons is that it is not cost-effective. In many parts of the world, building a personal computer and installing any application software for it requires costs that not everyone may find cost-effective. However, there are a number of global schemes that try to get everyone to use a personal computer. Linux Endless OS is the name of one of the free projects designed for certain conditions such as the unavailability or limitation of the Internet. If the cost of the Internet is high for you and you prefer to have an operating system always ready to work without the need for the Internet, Andalusian Linux is for you. The Andalusian Linux operating system is equipped with hundreds of pre-installed software in various fields such as education, business, entertainment, school affairs, administration, etc., which due to the support of dozens of different languages ​​in the world, allows you to Install it on your PC, have access to all the facilities you expect for daily work completely free and permanently. 

Endless OS Features:

– Being free and simple for everyone

– Having hundreds of pre-installed software for training, games, work and…

– No need for the Internet and having all the applications required by the user for a variety of needs

– Quick and easy installation



Endless OS (x64) – English (Full).iso

 Endless OS (x64) – Basic.iso



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