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  1. Is it possible to get an english commentary file please? There might have been an error during extraction and that's why there is no commentary. I tried reextracting but still no commentary.

  2. Please I've installed the fifa 14, played for sometime amd closed the game…now i reopen it and it doesn't open again…it doesn't show any error too…any help?

  3. Have you found the commentary file for fifa 14?
    Also the search results for anime sometimes returns only One Piece. I tried searching for HunterxHunter and Tower of God, and only One Piece was returned as the search result. What might the problem be?

  4. Please I've been able to download all the parts for the FIFA 14 but during extraction there has been a CRC error. Please any assistance on how to solve the problem??

  5. After installing the fifa 14 it couldn't launch and aside that too it has no crack file, watched the video tutorial but still the problem couldn't resolve. Please help me with it.

  6. There was no error….when you try oening it, it just buffers and doesn't open.
    I've downloaded fifa 14 here but that one had four parts and it's own crack file….if possible kindly us that

  7. So fifa 14 installation was a success but cracks have both failed. You have provided two crack folders with different cracks but none seem to be working for me! Please help.

  8. I do not have any anti virus installed on my computer. Please review the performance of the cracks. They are really not working. I keep getting system error messages whenever I try to run the game with the cracks.

  9. pls i need help with fifa 14.
    the game gets stuck at the language selection interface.
    ive already installed the patch, and yhh ive tried the youtube trick of windows compatibility– it still freezes
    any help here??

  10. In the video you provided, the extraction still continues even after the checksum message pops up.
    But in my situation, when the checksum message appears the extraction stops

  11. I hope fifa 14 will recognise my controller
    I have downloaded 2 games here and non of them recognise my controller
    So please any solution for that
    My controllers is a ps2 controller with a converter to usb


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