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LIGHTDL Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


  • What is the password of the files placed on the site?

The password of all files is placed below the download links. All letters must typed in  lowercase.

  • What software should I use to download files?

We suggest for you IDM software, this software with the speed of download, can download your file correctly and safely, this software has other features such as: Schedule to download your files, split bandwidth for each of your downloads and also support pause and resume.

  • I enter the password, but it still sends an error message, what is the reason?

There are a number of reasons:
1. When entering a password from your keyboard, it may be uppercase and the password can be lowercase, and because all the passwords must be lowercase.
2. When entering your password, your keyboard may be in Farsi mode, in which case the password is not accepted, and when you type, note the EN/FA status of your keyboard.
3. You may have copied and pasted the password instead of typing it, in which case the password may not be entered correctly and it is better to type it.
4. If you are sure of all of the above and still encounter a password error message, it is because the file you are looking for has not been downloaded correctly, and because the file is not complete, you will encounter an error message. To download a file correctly, you need to use a download manager that can be downloaded from here.
After installing the download management software, your download speed increases and the probability of file failure is minimized.

  • I’m going to download the file, in the download section is written, download the first, second part and … What does that mean?

We divide the large files into small parts to make it easier to download and less likely to crash, for example, if we put a 7GB file seamlessly for download, if you download 4GB of it and your internet connection is disconnected, you have to download it again from the beginning.

  • Some files including crack, antivirus identifies as virus, is it really a virus?

No, such files such as crack because of their nature in their function are identified as viruses, disable your antivirus for a few minutes, and use such files or crack and then activate your antivirus.
However, unfortunately, some cracks, patches, and keygens have viruses or trojans, and because these software are illegally cracked, the responsibility of using these items is the responsibility of the user himself.

  • We click on the download link, but the file is not downloaded?

In some hours due to high traffic download server may be delayed or download speed slow, it is better to copy the download link and enter in a download manager software (which can be downloaded from here), to download by this software.
– If it still doesn’t download, refresh the page and try again or switch between browsers( Firefox and Microsoft Edge).
– If again not downloaded, report the link in the comment section and it will be fixed immediately.

  • Are files placed for download in RAR or ZIP format? What are these files and with what programs are they running?

These files are said to be the same compression files, which, firstly the size of the files to be reduced, and secondly for your convenience users instead of downloading multiple files, just download one file .To open the compressed files you can use WinRAR software.

  • When I click on the Patch or Setup file in Windows 7 or 8 no file does not run what is the problem?

In Windows 8 and 7 and Vista it is better to right-click on the file and click Run as Administrator. This will run your file .

  • I have downloaded a file format ISO or Bin file with which software opens?

Files that are decompressed after being decompressed to ISO format. They must first be opened using virtual drive software such as UltraISO, or burned to the CD and then used.

  • When I extract files, I suddenly get a CRC wrong password message, why?

This is one of the most common issues raised by users. First, you need to type the password of the files carefully, in lowercase, in English, and so on.
– The problem is not resolved, you need to repair the download file. Most uploaded files have the ability to recover, which means that before you re-download the file, you can try your luck to restore that file and if the file is not restored, try to redownload it.
– To repair the files run Winrar, go to the place where you downloaded the zip files and select all the parts and the Repair option that is available in the top part of the software. Then choose the right place to store them. After completing the work, go to the place you selected for storage and use it to export files. If you still encounter a CRC message, the only way is to re-download the file is the corrupted file.Watch this video on how to fix CHECKSUM ERROR IN WINRAR WHEN EXTRACTING.

  • When I extract files suddenly I get a message next volume is required, why?

This problem is because you have not downloaded all parts of the file, in some cases a large file for downloading is more easily divided into several parts, you have to download all parts to be able to use that file and if you don’t even download one part you will not be able to use them and you will encounter the above message.Download all the parts into one folder and extract the first part,the rest will automatically extract.

  • I get a 404 error when downloading?

This problem is caused by the failure of the download link, which you can notify us through the comments section of the same post to fix it.




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