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Smadav USB Antivirus Pro 2021


Smadav Pro 2020  is a  security software to protect your computer and remove flash memory viruses. Nowadays, the increasing use of removable devices and memory such as external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, etc., these devices and memory are exposed to a variety of viruses. In this post , we introduce you one of the effective and compact antivirus to clean these viruses dear users. In many cases, viruses and computer trojans run in the background of the operating system and carry out malicious activities without your knowledge .

Even in some cases, these Trojans get into the system in the form of a beautiful and useful software. The Smadav Pro software blocks any suspicious Windows background tools to prevent the risk of your information being stolen. Keeping in touch with its powerful database, this software instantly updates your antivirus with the ability to detect all kinds of new viruses and malware so that each time you scan your memory, it removes all malicious files.

 Key features of the Smadav Pro software:

– Ability to detect and remove virus from usb flash drives.

– Automatic and completely free update with permanent connection to software database

– Has very fast and effective scanning capability

– Ability to define permitted files to prevent them from being deleted

– Ability to define password management system

– Ability to change the appearance and color of the software environment to the user’s choice


Smadav Pro 2021 + Keygen 

Type this text as password:

  1. extract the file with winrar and type the password provided above,open the extracted folder and double click on the setup to install.after installation,open the serial text file and use the serial keys to activate full version.


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