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Telegram Desktop for Windows/Mac/Linux

                          Telegram Desktop

The desktop version of Telegram LLC is the popular service for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Now you can use all of Telegram’s Messenger features on the Windows operating system. So it’s not the most popular telegraph communication utility for Android and iOS; now you can use the service on desktop devices. The Telegram service is a very powerful and high-speed communication tool that enables you to use a telegram account, on multiple platforms simultaneously and with all the contents and history of incoming and outgoing messages. In the Telegram application you can send text messages, video, video, etc. to your friends, as well as the ability to share a variety of formats, such as ZIP, PDF, DOC, etc., in the telegram, you can add groups containing  2k and above Telegram members and discuss Group Jobs and Education topics.

Unlike other communication tools, Telegram is a high-security cloud-based service encrypted with sophisticated algorithms. By setting up your telegram account on secondary devices, you notice the display of all messages sent and received by the primary device, in You will be new! The cloud service allows you to bring all your received and received content on all devices and anywhere in the world. While telegram services are only available for almost 2 years now, Telegraph can now be considered the most popular and most successful communication application on all devices and platforms.

Telegram software features

– Having a very user friendly interface and user friendly interface for working with the Telegram environment in the desktop view
– Full support for all the features of the Telegram application in the desktop telegram
– Take advantage of the Drag & Drop feature to quickly share multimedia content, PDF documents and more.
– Having powerful security features to prevent hacking your account
– Supports cloud service to keep your information safe
– High speed and fast updates to fix possible bugs
– Added Channel – A new and powerful way to publish messages to an unlimited number of audiences

Changes in recent releases:

– Added ability to edit content in channels and groups
– Sharing the link in the channel (from the Quick Share menu)
– Ability to add manager signature to the bottom of the content in the channels
– Silent secret messages on channels do not have a notification for users.
– A new and powerful update for Bot API 2.0
– Possibility to update bugs
– Boot support from the ability to add all types of supported files in the telegram
– Troubleshooting and minor improvements

– A completely new material design

– Support various and beautiful skins in @TelegramThemes

– Ability to clear messages for both parties (possibility to delete messages in the group)

– Possibility to pin important chats above the rest

– View shared groups, in profile friends

– Supports more amoujes

– Added shell editor to settings

– Bug fixes and minor improvements

Changes in new version 1.5.8:

– Global licenses for groups. Restrict all members of each group from posting certain content.
– Single settings for groups. Bring groups publicly, select managers with discretionary powers, and provide just a few touches of permanent history to all members of the group.

– Choose which awesome package you would like to use in conversation settings.
– Select incoming and outgoing devices for telegrams in Settings> Advanced> Call settings.
– Supports automatic download of files and music

Changes in new version 1.5.12:

– Ability to apply Blur effects to the software background

– Ability to set the desktop background image for other telegram applications

Changes in the new version 1.6.0:

– Play videos and listen to music without having to download them completely.
– To navigate to your saved messages, press CTRL + 0 (CMD + 0 on macOS).


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