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Toon Boom Studio is a complete application for creating beautiful and impressive animations . You will be able to create animated cartoons through the easiest ways and books available with the features of this software. In fact, Toon Boom Studio is one of the best 2D learning and animation software developed for students and enthusiasts, as well as instructors and tutors who are looking for an easy, yet comprehensive application for education and It is very convenient to put all the techniques of making animations. You can use different images or even scanned paintings to create animations, apply different colors, add songs and sound to the animation and align them with the lips. Also, the animation produced by this software can be created in various formats for the Web, Facebook, YouTube, iPad, iPhone and more.

Key features of Toon Boom Studio software :
– Insert scanned images from paintings or camera shots
– Creating artistic paintings with advanced tools
– Synchronization of oral motion with sound
– Making animations with moving elements
– Access to the bookstore to use existing facilities or reuse content from other projects
– Set camera motion
– Generates output animation in various formats for web, facebook, youtube, ipad, iphone and …
– Apply effects, shadows and …
– Preview animations

– Create content in multiple ways: draw digitally, scan-in paper drawings, capture live images or import existing artwork
– Apply colors
– Set camera moves
– Animate using bones, pegs and animated elements
– Add audio tracks and lip-sync your animation
– Publish your animation projects for print, TV, HDTV, the Web, Facebook, YouTube and iPod / iPod touch / iPhone / iPad

Here are some key features of “Toon Boom Studio”:
– Draw, scan, capture or import artwork and video
– Paint artwork using advanced tools
– Lip-sync mouth motion to voice tracks
– Animate using bones, pegs and animated elements
– Access libraries to use and reuse content
– Create multi-plane camera movements
– Apply Feather Edge and Drop Shadow effects
– View animation in real time
– Publish to print, web (Facebook, YouTube, SWF, QT), TV, video,
– and iPod / iPod touch / iPhone / iPad

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