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Acronis True Image 2020

Acronis software for backup of Windows  System

Acronis True Image 2020 is a powerful software for backing up Windows and the system that is familiar to many of you, but the unique features of this software far exceed what you know. It is  the best choice for backing up your hard drive and disk and restoring them for a good system.

With Acronis True Image, it is possible to recover even if the system is unbootable, since the software can also recover from optical disks such as DVDs, CDs and flash drives. The software is also able to start before loading the system to check and troubleshoot options if there are problems with booting. All backup files created by Akronis software are stored in a virtual drive made by the software itself, thus no longer having to back up all backup files and can be manually copied onto the system Kurdish.

The Akronis suite includes various forms of backups, complete, incremental and differential, as well as some additional methods such as non-stop backups. In addition, the Acronis True Image software features tools to keep your disk clean from unnecessary programs. 

Some Acronis True Image features:

– Recoverable hard disk scan
– Scan the operating system and configure settings and applications
– Non-stop backup with the ability to backup entire system or specific files
– With incremental backup capability as they are available to save time with changes since last support.
– Capable of backing up the system and strong recovery even if the drive is corrupted
– No effect on system speed during backup operation
– Ability to schedule backup operations at different times
– Protection of more than 2 terabytes of information
– Ability to back up different networks and websites
– Preview preview before undoing
– Ability to backup to various devices including: DVD & CD, USB flash drive, external hard drives, GPT drives and even cloud storage
– Ability to define password for personal data.


Acronis True Image 2020 + Patch

Acronis True Image 2021 Bootable 

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