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Adobe Media Encoder CC







 Adobe Media Encoder CC  is  a highly advanced and powerful software for converting video file formats. For those who are in the process of editing or producing a professional film, one of the most important steps in finishing a job is to provide output in a particular format or codec. As you know, thanks to significant advances in computer software and hardware, there are various codecs for video files, each with its own unique features. After completing the steps of shooting and recording your desired file on the camera’s memory, you need to convert the final file to other video formats after editing and applying the relevant edits.



After completing the editing or editing process, you need to decide what format to convert your output file to according to your needs. Changing the video file format does not mean changing its quality, but you will determine the output file format according to the type of destination device. For those users who are constantly dealing with the conversion process and output output in various video formats, we have prepared the latest version of Adobe Media Encoder software that can play a useful and effective role in this field for you.






Features of Adobe Media Encoder:


– Support for team projects


– Compatibility with different video formats


– Suitable for large projects


– A professional tool for producing output from movie editing


– Having a search panel among the files


– Compatibility with 4K videos


– Compatibility with Adobe Premiere and After Effects




 Installation note


 – You must install version 2020 offline. This version is cracked.


– Be sure to close the software access to the net with firewall.


– Be sure to restart the system after installation.


– In the 2020 version, after installation and to prevent stopping in the Loading section, press CTRL + K and uncheck Auto Show The Home Screen.


– If you still have problems, you must remove the previous versions from your system. Be sure to clear the following folders as well:


C: Program Files (x86) -> Common Files-> Adobe-> SLCache
C: ProgramData-> Adobe-> SLStore













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