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Droid Transfer

 Droid Transfer

Easy transfer of information between Android and pc

Droid Transfer  is a new and functional tool for easy transfer of information between Android mobile phone and PC. With the help of this program, you dear users can transfer different types of information on Android phones to the computer or images, music, movies and … from the system on your mobile or tablet. Users can use the current tool as a reliable way to back up their phone numbers, texts, images and other personal information and always keep a copy of their data on the system.

SMS is an important part of sensitive information of users on mobile phones that backing up and keeping them in a safe space is very useful and useful when necessary. The software that we have provided for you dear users in this article provides the possibility to easily backup your important and sensitive information, especially SMS. Your texts on the system will be saved in PDF, HTML, and TXT formats of your choice, and at any time, it is also possible for you to re-copy them to your device. 

Features of Droid Transfer software:

– Easy and easy backup of texts in PDF, HTML, TXT format

– Ability to print from SMS in order of date and time

– Ability to back up calendars, phone numbers, notes, etc.

– Ability to sync iTunes with Android divais

– No need to root the device to work

– Ability to transfer information from mobile to system and on the contrary


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