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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Recovery Software is a professional tool for recovering lost files, data, and partitions and is provided with a very powerful recovery and reputable company. This professional software can take care of recovering lost data on all types of hard disks, usb flash drives, memory cards and portable hard drives. With the support of all types of photo files, videos, documents, emails and other files that you can not possibly mention, this software can quickly retrieve your data. It does not matter if your data is gone. From common deletions with delete or shift delele until the partitioning and partitioning and partitioning or reinstallation of Windows to cracking or viruses and data disappear, EaseUS Recovery Software can retrieve all of them. .

The software has 3 ways to recover data. The Delete’s File Recovery tool is used to find deleted files with the ability to import a format, volume, or part of the file name so that the recovery speed is increased, for example, the user only wants to find videos in mkv format. The ability to specify the date will also be possible. The next method is the Complete Recovery, which is intended to restore the entire hard drive, which will be appropriate when installing the new operating system. Partition Recovery is the third method that will be suitable for times when partitions are lost. The software supports all types of file systems, such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS / NTFS5, EXT2 / EXT3, as well as a variety of hard drives and storage devices supported by the software. It should be noted that 8 TB hard drives are also supported by this software and can be recovered. Note that after losing your information, do not try to copy new information to make a more successful recovery.

Installation guide:

1) Be sure to make sure that your connection to the Internet is disconnected.
2) After the installation is completed, enter the Crack directory and replace the Config.dat file at the software installation location.
3) Run the software and register the software using Keygen and information provided by the software.
4) Be sure to put all the executable files in your firewall and then enable your Internet connection so that your serial will not be deactivated.
Note: The second installation stage allows you to enable the software offline. If this does not happen to you in the second step, please copy the offline.cmd file at the software installation location and run Run as Administrator to create a file similar to Config.dat, which is already in step two already. To prepare


EASEUS Data Recovery ‌Wizard Technician + Patch


EASEUS Data Recovery ‌Wizard Technician Portable


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