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Kali Linux 2022

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution for security and hacking. This distribution was made by the back-up builder team, and unlike the Ubuntu-based crackback, Kali is based on Debian. The BackTrack project is no longer supported by the team’s creator, and Kali has replaced it.
BackTrack, which was in fact the previous version of Kali, was one of the Linux open source distributions designed to be more focused on network security / IT network security experts to test penetration and discover weak points, and for its users Provides a suite of professional and powerful security tools.
There are many ways to use Kali Linux, it can be installed on a hard drive, run on a virtual machine, or booted with Live CD or Live USB.

On this system, there are a lot of intrusive tests, including Wireshark (Packet Analysis), nmap (Perth Explorer), John the Ripper (breaking password), Aircrack-ng (local penetration testing) and All of them are successful.

Key Features of Kali Linux Software :

– Full customization of ISO files and Macs Creating custom images from Kali Linux
– High flexibility in the definition of features and the possibility of self-installing, reverse VPN auto-connecting and network bridging Kali image
– Install from USB
– Full encryption with LUKS Full Disk Encryption or FDE
– Automatically deploy the Kali operating system
– Mastering Kali Linux Professional Tools with Kali Metapackages
– Support for EFI boot
– Provided as a live DVD with the ability to run on DVD or installed on a hard disk
– Run through the virtual machine
– Applicable to all organs, institutions and IT companies
– Suitable for all IT professionals with a high level of expertise
– Test of permeability and security
– Complete and up-to-date security toolkit
– And …

Installation guide

1. This operating system is completely free and has no limitations.
2. The default user name and password are in the toor tray and you need to use the startx command to enter the graphical interface so after installing this operating system for each run you will be prompted for the name and serial that must be Enter this way.

User Name: root
Password: root



Kali Linux 64bit 





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