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Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009

Encarta is a Microsoft computerized encyclopedia that was created in 1996 and contains short reference articles, global atlases, and many other useful information. The 2008 version of the software contains 67,000 articles in various fields. The features of this software include having scientific games for raising the level of knowledge, two-dimensional and three-dimensional tourism maps, various images, use of flash and sounds. The center provides you with useful websites and the ability to update encyclopedia information is also one of its other features. For example, if a version of the Encyclopedia is named after a presidential name but later in that presidential election, the name of the new president will be replaced by visiting the encyclopedia website and receiving the patch.

Software Features of Microsoft Student With Encarta Premium 2009 :

The Tales of the World with over 1.8 million names on it
– More than 86,000 scientific, literary and artistic articles
– Biography of Fame in all disciplines
– Exploring great novels
– Statistical and graphing information from all countries
– View historical events as a timeline
– Two-dimensional and three-dimensional trips of historical places and tourist cities (such as Persepolis)
– Dictionary in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
– Intellectual games to increase information
– Strong tools to search for information
– A special encyclopedia for children with intellectual games
– Comprehensive Office suite tutorial plus various examples
– Includes 32 pieces of film taken from Discovery
– Ability to search through search bars in Windows Taskbar
– Connect to the Internet and update information automatically
– And …
Note: This package includes both Microsoft Student and Encarta.


Microsoft Encarta.part1.rar
Microsoft Encarta.part2.rar
Microsoft Encarta.part3.rar
Microsoft Encarta.part4.rar
Microsoft Encarta.part5.rar
Microsoft Encarta.part6.rar
Microsoft Encarta.part7.rar

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