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Nvivo v11.4.1.0

Nvivo software is mainly used for analyzing texts in qualitative research. In this way, the data (the text of the interviews, or the detailed answers to the questionnaires) come into the software, then there is a coding code for the text, and finally the software to check the existing code and the connection They are used by the characteristics of the participants. The ability to organize information and search for words in all existing data is a great help to the researcher. There are also possibilities for modeling and displaying a model with geometric shapes.

An explanation of the software sections:
source: refers to files containing data, such as the text of an interview. Can be entered into software or independently

case: Usually referring to any person participating in the research.

Casebook is a table that shows all cases and their properties and is suitable for review and exploration.

node: A code or attribute that is attributed to a section of the text. The type of coding will be different according to the philosophy chosen. For example, in the grounded theory, free coding is first done.

Relationship: Represents the connection between two things and is ideal for modeling and depicting the idea.

attribute: The attribute is a case. The code is considered to be an source of source and does not matter to anyone! So, if the attributes of a person are to be determined, this should be done by creating the attribute. To draw a chart and some other things, we need to define the appropriate attribute. It is better to define each separate option in the form “has / not”, rather than being defined for a multiple attribute attribute. In this case, there is no problem for cases where a person has multiple options at the same time, and comparisons will be easier.

matrix: To check the number of items in a table composed of various application options. For example, a table with a pillar from different levels of education and its rows from different levels of age groups. The result is a table that tells us a few people from each cell (which represents a group with a certain age and education).

Query: To find the number of special cases, one thing or find the words you want is useful.

Annotation: It is useful for taking notes.

set: A group of the above are somewhat related to each other.

Dr. Silverman had pointed out that the software had used a book to organize his personal notes for a book . So the software can be a tool with multiple applications. This software is used by students of management and sociology and several other disciplines.





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