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Oracle Database Express Edition

Oracle is a distributed database that is considered to be a serious rival for SQL Server . This database is unlike Squalidness independent of the platform, so it can be used on any operating system from Windows and Mac to Linux, Solaris, z / OS, AIX, etc. The new version of Oracle focuses on cloud capabilities and data integration, as well as new features for ease of access and data management. In the current version, you can run sql commands directly in RMAN and see the results without any conditions. One of the key benefits of Oracle is the automatic control of the authenticity of input data; thus, the database automatically prevents the entry of invalid and inaudible information.

One of Oracle’s potential capabilities over other security databases is the high data storage system. Rarely, there might be something called Oracle Data Removal or Data Crash. (Of course we do not mean Oracle’s more bugs than SQL !). In addition, in systems that deal with 16px volumes of records, Oracle has a high power, so that you can easily record billions of records and process them at high speed. Oracle has a lot to say in terms of mass serving users. Also, controlling the synchronization challenges in this database is not so complicated. Bank management is also visual and with the least amount of scripting possible.

Features and Features of Oracle:

  • Automatic control of the authentication of input data
  • Has various visual tools for ease of data management
  • Easy control of synchronization challenges
  • Extensive options for data retrieval
  • Ability to control and manage the database remotely
  • High security and high volume data support and user support
  • And …

required system  

Processor: AMD64 and Intel EM64T

Physical memory (RAM): 4 GB minimum

Virtual memory (swap)
If physical memory is between 2 GB and 16 GB, then set virtual memory to 1 times the size of RAM
If physical memory is more than 16 GB, then set virtual memory to 16 GB

Disk space
Typical Install Type total: 10 GB
Advanced Install Types total: 10 GB

Video adapter: 256 colors

Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 minimum







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