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PDFZilla Batch WORD to PDF Converter Pro

 PDFZilla Batch WORD to PDF Converter Pro 

PDFZilla Batch WORD to PDF Converter Pro 1.8 is a new and useful tool for converting Microsoft Word documents to PDFs that can convert documents to each other in groups. This software, with its comprehensive and practical features in this field, eliminates the need for any other PDF converter. Unlike other types of PDF converters (PDF), this software can convert all your files for you in batches with just one click.

Many PDF converters work by creating a virtual printer in Windows. This process, despite its popularity and usefulness, has problems, the most important of which is the limitation of converting a file at any time. With this software, you can call several different documents and submit each to a separate PDF file or all of them in a merged PDF file; And with just one click and in groups! High security during the conversion process and the possibility of placing security codes on the output files are other features of this software that we recommend you do not miss the opportunity to use it.


Features of PDFZilla Batch WORD to PDF Converter software:

– Ability to convert Word files to PDF in groups

– Supports 10 different formats to PDF

– No need for MS Office, Virtual Printer, Acrobat Pro

– Ability to merge multiple files to create a combination

– Ability to set a password for output files

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical interface.


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