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Skype Desktop
 Skype Messenger for PC And Android – Free Voice and Video Call 

Skype is a well-known  software  for chatting with other users around the world. Initially, Skype was merely a tool for free voice and video communication. Skype messenger video calls are of very high quality and are used in many online chats, remote meetings, free calls with other countries and more. New versions of this popular service include messaging, which is very popular among Persian-speaking users . If you are also looking for a secure and reliable way to communicate with your audience, Skype can be a great and quality solution.

The new version of Skype Messenger offers users a wide variety of features that are hard to find in other similar applications! Skype’s many years of popular service is a guarantee of the security and popularity of these popular messengers around the world. Many believe that Skype software is a solution for making voice and video calls over the Internet and without the ability to communicate via text or so-called messaging. But Skype’s popular service provides comprehensive features for textual communication with friends or other users of the service. Popular features of this messenger include the ability to send and receive messages, the ability to join user groups, send photos, videos, emoticons, GIF animations and more.

Skype Software Features:

– Ability to send and receive text, video, video, attractive emoji, etc.
– Ability to create user groups and participate in group conversations
– Excellent free audio and video calling
– Ability to share file types with contacts
– Exemplary speed and security
– Compatibility with different platforms


Skype Desktop for Windows

 Skype Desktop Mac  

 Skype for Android Android +6.0  

 Skype Arm 64 for  Android +6.0



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