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Stata.v14.0 – Windows

Stata ( Stata ) is a multi-purpose statistical application, the first version of which was released in 1985. The program is widely used by academics and academic institutions around the world. Most users of this software are researchers who are engaged in research in the fields of economics, sociology, political science, and the branches of medical sciences. Its capabilities include data management, statistical analysis, graphing, simulation and programming as you wish. The word Stata is a combination of two words, Statistics and Data, and its pronunciation is not usually specific. It often emphasizes on a text interface that writes commands in the form of text to run on the software, because it believes that this method increases the speed. However, from the software version 8 to the next, a graphical interface is available in the horizontal menu above the software. After clicking on the operation, a double-sided exchange box appears to execute the command, which guides you to execute the command. . The good feature of the software is that, after executing the command through the graphical interface, its written instruction is also displayed, so that the user can learn it faster in the next step. You can also re-execute pre-executed commands with a simple click on the commands window. You can also execute all the commands at once by creating a Dofile.

This software is presented in five editions:
Stata / MP: The fastest editing program for computers with dual-core processors
Stata / SE: For Large Databases
Stata / IC: Fundamentals of the program for medium-sized databases
16px Stata: Student editing for 16px databases
Numerics by Stata: Web and online version of the program

Key Features of the Stata Software:
– Data management
– Ability to program
– Statistical Analysis
– Simulation of data
– graphical representation and graphing of data
– Spreadsheet data storage
– Possibility to import information from Excel software
– Ability to read ASCII format data
– Simple interface to increase program performance
– And…

Installation guide

1. Install the software.
2. Copy the STATA.LIC file from the crack folder to the software installation location.
3. Run the software.





  1. There's no softwares folder inside the link all it does is bring diagnostic errors as one tries to extract the files and then forms a blank document.please fix it and lets us know when you do


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